23 September 2008

the story of foundlings jewellery

foundlings jewellery evolved from a lifelong passion for fashion, an unwillingness to throw anything from my childhood away, and an extremely tedious metal allergy! whilst replacing earwires with silver or plastic ones I started to wonder what else I could repurpose and dangle from my ears, and then the designs began to snowball! with a background in art and design, and 10 years experience in the fashion industry, I wanted to create something nostalgic yet new, and encourage the recycling principle within the jewellery trade. foundlings jewellery is created in my home town of penzance, cornwall - the quirky little seaside town which has inspired so many great artists and has the warmest spot in my heart. when i design a piece of jewellery I aim for it to make me smile, if it doesn't raise a giggle it doesn't pass quality control, so I hope I can pass on a little joy through my jewellery!

zell @ foundlings jewellery